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April 13, 2022

What is Lewin’s Change model?

For the betterment of organizational development change is the stepping stone. Still the employees are known to prefer status quo over the organizational change. A change management module enables you to navigate over the transitional phase and hence guides the members towards adoption of a new change. This would allow a business to achieve a higher ROI.

More about Lewin’s change model

Lewin is of the opinion, that restrains the forces, to be influencing the behaviour of both individuals and groups which would decide the change aspect. In addition the driving forces lead the employees to the new era of change. He is of the opinion that it is vital to be balancing the forces by a clear change communication along with employee involvement. Employee training is provided to bridge the gap. It is necessary for change management to be implementing stress management techniques where compliance is taken care off and resort to the use of convincing change reasoning.

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The 3 stages


As part of the first step  deals with perception management, and their aim is to prepare the stakeholders for the anticipated change in an organization. The change leaders should explore options on how an organization is preparing for change and develop a degree of urgency. At this point of time change communication has a vital role to play so as to obtain the desired buy- in along with the support of the people necessary to be part of change management. There are some activities that is part of the unfreeze model that will enable you to embrace change in a better way

  • By surveying an organization a proper analysis of change management is to be done, so as to have an idea about the current loopholes in a business process
  • Obtain an organizational buy- in
  • A strategic change vision with a change in strategy is vital
  • communication in a compelling way about the change that needs to take place
  • Deal with concern of employees in an engaging and compelling way
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After disruption of the status Quo, in this stage we deal with implementation of change. Here you need to consider an iterative and agile approach that integrates the feedback of the employees to smoothen the transition process. You may consider the following actionable items that will keep the uncertainty at bay.

  • A regular flow of information so as to obtain the support of the team members
  • Change management workshops are to be organized along with sessions for change management exercises
  • The employees are able to deal with changes in a proactive manner
  • Generation of easy win results that will motivate the employees to perform better
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At this stage the employees are known to move away from the transition phase towards acceptance in the final freezing change. But if the change leaders do fail to strengthen the change whereby they go on to reinforce it a part of the organization culture., there is a possibility that the employees could revert to the old behaviours. As part of the Lewin s change model there are a series of activities that will enable to embrace change

  • An identification of the early adopters and embrace change
  • Employee feedback is to be collected regularly
  • An offer on demand employee training and demand
  • Exploration of digital platforms to be in your partner in charge with a series of interactive features.
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To sum up things, the manner by which the model alters things is a vital point to consider. The behaviour and change skills of the employee is to be implemented properly. Be it any form of change management it does requires the skill sets of the employees. When an employee builds on an existing set of skills it enables them to take up  a sense of responsibility.

Successful change calls for a balanced approach for altering the business process, systems and processes. A company with a strong culture goes for a 3 times return as the changes are something that needs to be anchored in the culture of an organization.

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To sum up things Lewin, is a simple and easy to understand format that humanizes the change process. Based on the three stages you are able to implement changes in a better way.


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