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January 20, 2022

5 Ways To Use Video Marketing To Strengthen Your Small Business Branding

From getting to know about new brands on colorful leaflets to watching video advertisements on computer screens and now on our very own smartphones—marketing has come a long way.


The Internet revolutionized the way we consume videos. With the advent of social media sites, the popularity of online videos skyrocketed. Soon enough, brands and businesses realized how crucial video marketing is for their sales. In a report by Wyzowl, marketers said that video marketing boosted brand awareness by a whopping 42%. This statistic indicates how video marketing can be the ultimate game-changer for your small business.


Content production can be a pain point for many. However, any video maker takes away that stress with their highly intuitive framework. If you are worried about where to start, we have curated a list of 5 effective ways to use video marketing to boost the branding of your business.

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  • Building a presence on video platforms

Everyone is online these days. If your business does not have a digital presence, it is certainly missing out on a lot. An overwhelming majority of users discover new brands through YouTube. Hence, building an online presence on these platforms is vital.


Animoto’s Social Video Trends report states that YouTube is the number one platform that affects consumer behavior. Small businesses can capitalize on this fact and create engaging explainer videos to connect with their target audience.


Creating a YouTube channel for your business is a great way to get started. However, you will need to work on SEO to increase the chances of getting discovered organically. You can also skip this part and use targeted ads to grab user attention.

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  • Engagement is the #1 factor

Today’s technology has resulted in a reduced attention span of users. Naturally, the challenge for marketing professionals is to design content to deliver the brand’s message effectively. That too in an appealing manner!


As per Wyzowl, 69% of users would like to learn more about a product or service through a short video compared to any other form of content. Users are not going to scroll through lines of text to learn about a product or service. Hence, you need to engage them with interactive forms of media, such as video.


A question arises here: How to make the content engaging to an audience? The content becomes engaging when relevant information reaches the audience through different mediums with which they interact. Once you have shot the video, you can edit, add graphics and catchy audio using a video maker like InVideo. If a video turns out to be aesthetically pleasing and engages the viewer, then the brand has already won over another customer.

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  • Telling a story

Video serves as an excellent medium for visual storytelling. Brands should use it to their strength to showcase their values. In a study by Harvard Business Review, 64% of consumers trusted a brand because of shared values.


Video storytelling is a means to connect with the audience. A great way to establish a genuine connection with the audience is by evoking varied emotions. It can be joy, amazement, intrigue—whatever deems fit. With InVideo’s video maker,  you can make immersive videos with just a few clicks. Marketers need to strike a balance of creativity, evoking emotion, and imparting relevant information to affect the viewers.

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A brand video describing the product features with few visual elements seems unimaginative and uncreative. A great brand video should include the following:

  • Eye-catching visual elements
  • Key features of your product or service
  • Address pain points of customers
  • Impact on the lives of customers
  • Brand value


  • Quality over quantity any day

Video marketing is a vast area where businesses need to boost their visibility. A well-crafted marketing strategy and quality content are vital to bringing in the numbers.


It is natural for small business owners to suffer from information overload while starting. We all know that the algorithm favors frequent posting. However, that might not be possible for everyone. We are here to tell you that quality matters more than quantity.

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Your content needs to stand out from the rest to grasp user attention. InVideo is an online video maker that arms you with all the necessary tools to create professional-looking videos in a matter of minutes. A high-quality video should have an engaging intro, good music, a consistent color palette, and catchy graphics. Once you get an idea of what is working better, focus on amping up the number of uploads.


  • Integrating into online advertisements 

Online video advertisements are an effective way to boost the visibility of your brand/business. There are different kinds of online video advertisements, and each has its pros and cons.

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  • Pop-Up Ads: We often encounter pop-up ads of different brands when surfing the web. These ads are hard to avoid and hook users to view the ad while visiting a webpage. The best pop-up ads have an average conversion rate of 9.28%. The number is small but not insignificant. The disadvantage of these ads are:
    • Users might find it annoying.
    • Users can choose to turn off these ads by changing the browser settings.


  • Inserted advertisement: YouTube is an excellent example of a platform where we see inserted advertisements. Users have to watch it while the actual content loads. They have a choice to skip it after 10 seconds. However, we should note that 30% of users view the entire ad.
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A marketer should tap into the arena of online ads and see what works best. Then they should plan and tweak a campaign after weighing all parameters.




Marketing is an ever-evolving game, and businesses should continuously adapt to the changes to thrive in the global market. Video marketing is not the endgame of advertising, but it is here to stay for the time being.


Small businesses can benefit immensely from online video marketing in one way or another. So, if you are a small business owner struggling to get started, InVideo is here to help. With 5000+ handcrafted templates and access to iStock media library, you can get started on your video-producing journey.

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