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August 31, 2021

Virtual Award Ceremony Ideas for Students

Celebrating achievements at the end of the academic year is traditional and vital to appreciate student accomplishments. These accomplishments need not be just academic success. Appreciation for improved behavior, 100% attendance, character, athletics, dance, art, or music skills are excellent means to recognize and motivate your students during a virtual award ceremony.

Just like other virtual events, you would also want to host engaging and remarkable virtual award ceremonies meant for students at the end of the school year. With a bunch of impressive ideas, you can try to make the last days of the academic year even more joyful.


Here’s a list of some exciting ideas that you can include for your next virtual award ceremony intended for students.


  • Set the stage
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Arouse a sense of excitement among your students by letting them know about the virtual award ceremony. Send an invitation template online, or create your own templates to spread awareness about the virtual event.

Make sure to pre-decide the stage format you want to keep and discuss the same with your virtual venue partner.


  • Create an interesting background/environment

Consider creating an enjoyable environment before your students join in.

You can follow some theme or choose a character that will be liked by most of the students and ask your event provider to design the background based on the same. You can choose to have an animated light in the lobby, including GIFs, or an immersive 3D environment. It will leave an impactful impression on the students right at the beginning. 


  • Dress-up for the occasion
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We all know that students wait for an opportunity to dress up and attend school without getting scolded. Therefore, let your students get showy and fancy! Ask them to wear something dressy for the virtual award ceremony. You can either keep a theme and everyone can dress up accordingly or ask students to put on something they don’t regularly wear. It could probably be a tie, hair bow, or a fancy hat that will make everyone feel fashionable for this momentous occasion.


  • Keep interesting category titles for each award

A simple category title has been very traditional currently, with the virtual venue, the motive is to keep the excitement alive among everyone. Keeping unique titles for each round of awards will let the students think and guess the name of the awardee. It will eventually promote engagement and boost the duration spent on the virtual platform.


  • Use exciting sound effects
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You can ask your creative team to include some great clapping sound effects and play them after each student receives an award. It will make your students happy and remain cheerful throughout the event. Hence, this is why choose an ideal virtual event platform like Dreamcast that gives you the features of clap and hoot that students can use to cheer a student each time they receive an award.


  • Live games and contests

We know that it is a virtual award ceremony, but this event is not just about distributing awards, it is way more than that. Include exciting games like crosswords, word games, spin the wheel to add a fun element to your event. It will keep the students involved and reduce the chances of getting distracted. You can also think of keeping exciting digital gifts and prizes for the highest scorer.


  • Keep a leaderboard challenge
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This challenge is meant to impart scores to each student every time they participate and win a game. Each game or activity when won or performed by a student will let them accumulate points. The one who tops the chart and is the highest scorer can take away exciting rewards and prizes.


  • Keep class performances

Since the entire school will be gathering and it will be a mighty virtual event, consider keeping class performances where everyone is seen singing the same song in a rhythmic tune or dancing on the same song with well-coordinated steps. Well, the class students will have to pre-plan this and allot some time every day before the main event to deliver a splendid performance.


  • Include educator’s performance
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The virtual award ceremony will include everyone- teachers, students, or other helping staff. Therefore, students love when their class teacher or other educators plan something exciting for them.

Teachers can also think of presenting a dance performance or something of its kind that the students will relish.


  • Virtual magic show

Magic shows have been a conventional activity that’s being followed and continued for ages. For an online award ceremony, you can hire a professional, set up a virtual stage, and ask him to deliver exceptional performance. It is an amazing virtual event idea that students will surely enjoy.


  • Photo slideshow

You can think of putting up a slideshow with the pictures that the school had captured during physical events. These photos could be from a group picnic, farewell party, or other memorable occasions that students will love to see.


  • Signature wall
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It is an exciting activity that can be incorporated at your virtual award ceremony intended for students. This feature will allow the students and teachers to make the most of this virtual signature wall and write a fond memory or something appreciable for their favorite teacher for about 200 characters. It will act as an important resource, just like a memory book.


  • Letter for parents

Now that you have concluded the event make sure to thank the parents of the students for trusting you and choosing your school as the safest place for their children to learn and grow. Send them a sweet note over their emails or a thank you message that will surely bring smiles to their faces.


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Final Word

Celebrating the virtual award ceremony for students is an important and enjoyable occasion. Therefore, try to understand the expectations of the students and incorporate exciting ideas that will make the virtual event even more successful and memorable. 

We hope the above-mentioned ideas will help you plan even better virtual award ceremonies.

If you’re looking to host a virtual award ceremony, get in touch with Dreamcast, one of the leading virtual event platforms!



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