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September 23, 2022

IM Academy Makes IMpulse Strategy Available Across Four Academies

IM Academy, an online financial education platform that provides educational resources and mentorship on financial markets such as the foreign exchange (forex) market and digital currencies, has launched its newest app for students. The new IMpulse app was designed to streamline analysis of several market variables, providing a single arrow showing market momentum based on over 50 market variables. IM Academy is making the app available across four of its academies: the Foreign Exchange (FRX) Academy, Digital Currency Exchange (DCX) Academy, Time-Based Exchange (TBX) Academy, and Elite Academy.


How Does IMpulse Work?


IMpulse is built around a market exchange strategy based on analyzing time frames. Market time frames are periods of market activity defined by time intervals that can range from shorter time scales such as minutes or hours to longer time scales such as weeks, months, or years. Because the markets that IM Academy courses cover can experience several subtle ups and downs over shorter time frames, the IMpulse app track was designed to track momentum within shorter time periods. However, IM Academy students can also use the app to track momentum over more extended time frames.

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IMpulse uses proprietary methods developed by IM Academy educators to analyze variables that can move markets, such as the forex, over a variety of time intervals. For example, this analysis factors patterns such as candlesticks, which combine data over multiple time frames into a single bar that reflects high and low points and provide a visualization of past and present activity. IMpulse generates simplified visualizations of this kind of information using arrows that show uptrends in markets in which new highs are reached and downtrends in which new lows are reached.


In addition to indicating the direction of markets, the app is designed to indicate the strength of activity. This information is provided in a graph and in a side panel called the alert panel, which signifies whether a given asset, such as a currency pair or cryptocurrency, is in an uptrend or downtrend, and assigns a numerical rating to indicate the strength of that trend. An additional arrow in the alert panel displays whether the trend is increasing or decreasing in strength.

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The alert panel allows IM Academy students to toggle between different time frames and asset categories, so it can be applied across a variety of markets. The app tracks activity for financial assets and instruments such as currency pairs in the forex market, metals, digital currencies such as bitcoin, Brent and other crude oils, and indexes such as the CAC 40 and U.S. Tech 100.


A Cornerstone of the IM Academy Platform


IM Academy’s decision to include the IMpulse app across four academies signals that it considers the app a key component of its approach to online financial education. While IM Academy students can focus on specific markets and ignore others by choosing specific academies, the IMpulse app is designed to communicate a strategic approach that can be applied across markets and is foundational to IM Academy’s educational content.

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Concepts such as candlestick patterns, Fibonacci and Elliott wave patterns, and the intraday fast-paced strategy known as scalping are covered in several academies at IM Academy. While the academies cover different markets, they are united by a focus on educating students in analyzing patterns of market activity, particularly as these patterns relate to time frames. This time-based and pattern-based approach is covered across IM Academy content on financial markets such as readings, videos, and live sessions with IM Academy educators.


IMpulse is an app built to help IM Academy students pursue education on how this approach to market engagement works, regardless of which market they choose to study.

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Please remember that IM Academy does not provide personalized recommendations or advice on  investments; it is a provider of online education  and tools to support education only.


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