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December 20, 2021

Online Courses: Availability Choices For Better Learning

Online courses have become excessively popular in the present times, with the development of digital and virtual concepts. Long gone are those days when or physical platform was the only acceptable form of teaching. Online teaching is a game-changer for multiple individuals who did not have enough time or resources to attend them previously.


Types of online courses you must know about


Online teaching is possible by using different methods, applications, websites, and even mobile apps. The platform provides for multiple ways in which people can give as well as take classes.


Video online course


The most common form of teaching is with the help of video lessons and lectures. This is helpful because it has advantages such as giving a real-life feel, with the student and teacher both seated in a setting as they would have been in a classroom. Because students are more used to this pattern, it is easier for them to concentrate. The benefits of video online courses are;

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  • The requirements of resources are basic, like a camera, a microphone, a smartphone or desktop, and a form of Internet connection.
  • educators find online teaching easier to apply since most of them are as technologically aware
  • There are options for video recording which can be saved later to view and revise


Dual interactive sessions


This is usually a part of online video courses but works for personal tutoring most of the time. If there is specific training required with a one on one need, dual interactive sessions can be held between teachers and students. It could be a little technically challenging, but once the method is learned by tutorials, it can prove to be engaging as well as a learning experience.

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Interactive sessions can be held between several students or a group of learners besides a one on one arrangement. Present-day university and school classes follow a similar method. It is convenient because it takes less time to cover a lot of things in a short period.


Written courses


Surprisingly, online teaching is possible even through written online course formats by the use of references, books, blogs, and research. Adopted especially in a higher form of education, a well-written blog or research can provide a lot of information even on broad and complex topics. The format can be made easier by adopting;


  • Subdivisions throughout the course, even in study materials for easier understanding and simplification of subject matter
  • Labeling topics and arranging them chronologically
  • Creating chat rooms for doubt clearing sessions. This can include a group chat for students and an option for one on one sessions for teacher and student.
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Online classes app provide multiple useful written online courses for hard and soft skills. It is convenient, allowing efficient learning anytime and anywhere.


Boot camp


Everyone is well aware of crash courses, boot camp can somewhat be related to that. If there is a skill that you need to excel at in a very short time, boot camp is the right thing. Although the classes can last as long as four to five hours, they are still less compared to regular university or college classes. However, the amount of learning material shared is extremely intense, for maximum learning. Usually, teachers make a point to have an interactive session as soon as a class is over to allow everyone to absorb the material as well as clear doubts. They can quickly switch over to the next topic without wasting any further time.

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Boot camps might sound intense but are great for flexible learning because of the features that come along with them;

  • Books and references
  • Saved videos, graphs, pie charts, and library research articles
  • Immediate doubt clearing sessions, in the form of group discussion or one on one talks
  • Lectures and video lessons that follow a plan
  • Revisions at the end of the day or week


What is the most convenient method?


Unless you follow a specific online teaching format or online classes app, you will not be able to determine which works best for you. Stick to the schedule, and whatever form of course it is that excites you, make sure to realize when it is time to adopt a different process of learning. With the digital era prevailing quickly, it is expected of online courses to be the new normal.

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