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June 14, 2022

Must have necklace designs for every young woman

Are you seeking ways to enhance your style statements? You then need to consider getting the best necklace designs. You need to opt for the varieties that are glamorous, durable, elegant, rich, and ones that will make you look exactly like a diva. Once you are done purchasing attractive earrings and other wonderful fashion accessories to go with your ethnic wear, you need to choose the ideal necklaces.

Festoon necklace

This necklace design dates back several centuries ago. Festoons stem from Greece and they mean a garland or wreath of woven flowers, branches and leaves. This pattern is reflected in the festoon necklace design as it includes strings of chain and various other elements that are interlinked into an astonishing necklace. You can stop this necklace by the draping elements and the pattern featured in the Victorian and Art Nouveau eras.

Lavalier necklace

This design was introduced at the start of the 20th century. It incorporates a slender chain and a tiny pendant that has ornamental elements or stones hanging from it. This particular necklace has been in style for several years. Several lavalier designs link a petite chain to a bigger focal piece. This particular design looks best with a light, feminine or bohemian fashion.

Single strand pendant

This necklace can have a gold or silver chain and a sole focal element piece. This particular design is one amongst the most popular varieties available today. A pendant necklace can turn out to be one amongst the most adaptable pieces in your collection. There are various pendant varieties to pick from. The pendant for girls you choose can feature an element, a precious gem or a tiny charm. The boon of this necklace is that you can customize it easily. You can gift them to someone you love by personalizing it.

Beaded necklace

These necklaces are popular since ancient times. You can find various varieties of this necklace being made from various materials like crystal beads, glass beads, clay beads, coral beads and crocheted seed beads. You can find them paired up with casual dresses, t-shirts and also a jeans-sweater combo.

The standard beaded necklace designs like graduated necklaces or pearl necklaces are popular among contemporary fashionistas.

Lariat necklace designs

These necklace designs are longer and are called Y-necklaces or rope necklaces. It is unique when compared to various other designs. This design doesn’t have a clasp. The chain or beads form a long rope that can be used to pull through or pie a rounded finder. This necklace sits under the belly button, however, you can wear it around your throat a few times to create a choker.

Charm necklace

This is similar in style and design to a conventional charm bracelet. They are popular not just as accessories but also as gifts. They are casual and fun to wear and feature a range of charms that are pertinent to the wearer. The designs have turned out to be popular in recent times because of the trends started by several companies.


These designs are popular for a very long time and they tend to sit neatly around your neck. Designs such as the Cleopatra-inspired ones are collar-like. You can change the sizing of choker necklaces with various fastenings. People often buy specially made chokers for a particular length. Chokers are made up of a single material piece or multiple small elements. They come in gold, ribbon and velvet and they were a standard option in the Victorian era. They sit high on your neck or below your collarbone. Some designs feature pendants that hang from the center.

Fashion accessories like necklaces and party wear rings help add a layer of sparkle and shine to the existing beauty of women. With several amazing necklace designs to choose from, it is quite easy to get confused. You need to take your time to pick the appropriate jewellery for the occasion.


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Must have necklace designs for every young woman

Must have necklace designs for every young woman
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