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September 8, 2021

How To Make YouTube Channel Popular Among 10000, Millions Of Others

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7 Steps to Creating the Most Popular YouTube Channel

The popularity of any site is the result of routine and regular work. As a rule, a quick upswing is followed by an equally quick downswing, and there is no such thing as a pill of success. If you’re ready for the challenges and constant work on your channel, let’s figure out where to start.

If you’re considering promoting on YouTube, or if you’ve just launched your business and really haven’t found solid ground under your feet yet, know that without a certain amount of subscribers, views and likes, it’s going to be difficult. At Lowcostsmm for YouTube you will find some of the lowest prices.

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This material provides a step-by-step guide to creating a successful YouTube channel. If your video will be watched, it will lead to an increase in subscribers and sales of your company.

Start with viewers

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Your content creation strategy for YouTube is similar to that for any other marketing channel. First of all, you need to target your content to a specific category of viewers. The more accurately you define your niche, the more interest viewers will show in it.

There are three main aspects to consider at this point.

Aspect #1: Type of person. First, determine the type of viewer you want to create content for. Ideally, this should be the same person who buys your products.

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Try to get even more specific data. For example:

  • Beginning merchants;
  • Experienced merchants;
  • Merchants in a specific geographic area.

You can narrow down your audience by determining more precisely their level of knowledge about your topic and geographic location. Carefully selecting your audience is important because it allows you to make your content more targeted.

You can’t create content for newbies and seasoned professionals at the same time, and if you try to do that, at least half of them will always be dissatisfied.

Aspect #2: It’s important to work on your channel regularly and systematically, ideally every day. And it’s not just about creating videos regularly. Here’s a partial list of the things you’ll need to do:

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  • Creating new videos
  • Get a quality video editor
  • Uploading and optimizing your videos
  • Communicating with subscribers, replying to comments
  • Tracking trends
  • Analytics of your videos
  • Evaluation of the chosen development strategy
  • Correction of channel development
  • Communication with other authors
  • Training in video optimization, acting, video editing, shooting, etc.
  • Searching for advertising channels
  • Talking with advertisers
  • Spreading the video on social networks

As you can see, there is already a lot. You may need to hire an employee or find a good freelancer to design the channel, upload your videos, you may need a channel manager. But that takes a budget and it’s something you have to get to. In the meantime, you’ll do just fine on your own. The main thing is motivation.

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Aspect #3: To develop your channel more quickly and efficiently, it’s important to collaborate with other creators. In this way, you can create a popular YouTube channel faster by sharing your audience of viewers, increasing the discoverability of your content.

Find comparable channels in your topic and start collaborating with them. Exchange sub-boxes, add links in annotations, prompts and descriptions. Make calls to action – watch and subscribe to each other’s channel. Don’t worry that viewers will leave you for your partner’s channel, it won’t happen. But you will become more famous in YouTube. Generally speaking, the video format is excellent for the following types of content:

READ MORE:  How To Make YouTube Channel Popular Among 10000, Millions Of Others

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  • tutorials;
  • general strategy overviews;;
  • training on specific topics;
  • shows;
  • product reviews.

Virtually any audience would like to see advice on how to play sports After all, videos are the easiest way to show the right builds and explain complex topics.

3 Steps to start a popular YouTube channel from scratch

Marketing on YouTube has many similarities with SEO. To get a lot of views, you need to rank high in YouTube’s search rankings. To do this, you need to create a video that people will actually want to view. To accomplish such a task, the following three steps should be taken.

1. Decide on the topic of the resource

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If you’re creating a YouTube channel for business, this is easy. The topic of the resource is likely to meet the demands of your clients and correspond to your professional activity. For example, if you are doing renovation, a channel on how not to make 100 500 mistakes in choosing a paint and a team of craftsmen will be relevant.

If you want to shoot a personal blog, things are a little more complicated. You need to decide what your channel will be about. Ask yourself the question: what can I shoot about? What do I know?

Here are the most popular channel topics:

  • Lifestyle/vlogs (filming your life);
  • games;
  • interviews (Dud, hi);
  • business (has become especially popular in recent years);
  • auto;
  • shows and humor;
  • narrowly focused areas: cooking, home, and so on.
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The full list of categories is on YouTube. You can see it in the menu when uploading a video to your channel.

If some segments seem appropriate for you, try them out. Remember that content should be interesting, sincere and engaging.

2. Analyze your competitors

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First you should analyze the channels of your competitors that you will be targeting.

Pay attention to:

  • quality of content, availability of headings;
  • regularity of releases;
  • the average number of views of the channel;
  • number of subscribers;
  • engagement;
  • general feedback from the audience about the content.

3. Develop the content grid

We have decided on the direction of the channel, we have studied the competitors. It’s time to move on to practice.

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Before you start shooting videos, don’t forget to make a content plan. Without planning, the filming process will be chaotic.

Ask yourself the questions:

  • How often will you be able to publish videos?
  • What will each episode be about?
  • What formats will be on the channel?

Regularity is very important, the viewer should get used to your channel. If you decide to publish content every week, stay on schedule.

In fact, Google thought of everything for us and suggested the 3H rule. It’s simple, allows you to dilute your content grid and work to increase your subscriber audience. As you’ve already figured out, the rule has three components.

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Hygiene content, which is content for keywords. It’s also “how to” content. Again, we’re going back to the capacity of keywords and making videos for them. What’s the advantage? In the long run we’ll get free search traffic from video hosting. You often see pumped channels with more than 500,000 subscribers, although the quality of the content is usually not impressive. They have one thing in common: the authors make videos for current requests from viewers.

Hub content is content that engages the viewer. It can be a show, the launch of new columns, and so on. This kind of content should be timeless and always keep the audience interested. Hub videos are necessary to engage the viewer in watching and to keep bringing in new subscribers.

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Hero is a content cannon. This can be a viral video, a video that evokes strong emotions, a video with a celebrity. These videos can be released once every 1 to 3 months.

The number of views of your video will not be the same. The start will be slow, but over time the number will grow exponentially like a snowball. If you’re going to create marketing videos on YouTube, prepare to get real results in about a year, or a little earlier.

How to properly use YouTube views to promote your channel

img source: backlinko.com

In the chart below, YouTube should be at the top, next to social media. It’s a marketing channel that allows you to get the attention of your potential customers. But the next step is to attract them to your website and get them on your email list.

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Now more about each social signal:

  • Likes show that users like the video: YouTube most likely takes such reactions into account. However, “thumbs up” can also have an indirect effect on ranking: good views and watch time data are probably to blame.
  • John Mueller, a leading analyst at Google, denies the influence of reposts on social networks on search engine rankings, but the video hosting can still take them into account. Either way, if a person shares a video with friends, chances are they’ve watched it to the end – which means there’s nothing wrong with audience retention.
  • Comments are a strong indicator of engagement. Here even without complicated research everything is clear: the user did not feel lazy to write, it means that the video got to him. By the way, there is a lot of commenting not only on controversial videos: Yury Dudya’s contests are a good example of viewer stimulation.
  • The growth of subscriptions after watching the video is a sure sign of the quality of the individual video and the content on the channel as a whole. A plus for the site is that this indicator is harder to inflate. Tip: Don’t forget to call for subscribers at the end of the video, and place a link with call-to-action in the cues and description.
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Briefly about the main points

1. Playback time is a key ranking factor. You can track the indicator in YouTube Analytics. The influence of the number of views has receded into the background, but there is generally a strong correlation between views and watch time.

2. YouTube likes longer videos because they have longer watch time. According to Backlinko, the average length of a video at the top is almost 15 minutes.

img source: freewaysocial.com

3. The number of subscribers has little effect on ranking, which means a young channel has a good chance of success without any tweaks.

4. “YouTube”, as well as “VKontakte”, develops an ecosystem: it rewards content creators if after viewing the video users do not leave the site. Recipe: less links to external sites and more links to other videos in the cues and splash screens. And don’t forget about playlists.

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5. Audience engagement is good for promotion. The more reactions – comments, subscriptions after watching a video, reposts, likes and even dislikes – the better. Tip: Be sure to promote your new video on social networks, email lists, messengers, etc.

img source: digitalmarketinginstitute.com

6. Optimize your video – correctly fill in the metadata: titles, descriptors, tags. You can collect keywords from Analytics traffic statistics, Google and YouTube search terms. KeyWord Tool and Pixel Tools are good for parsing queries. Competitor tags are easy to copy using the Vid IQ extension.

7. Don’t buy likes, views or subscriptions. And don’t write false metadata. YouTube can sanction and block your channel for cheating.

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