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February 2, 2022

What is Talent Management and Why is it Essential?

In a social-first world, traditional marketing channels aren’t as impactful as they once were. Social media has taken over, and brands need to know how to stay relevant in an online space where millions of new content is posted every second. Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to do that, and using a talent management agency means you can be connected with influencers who are relevant to your brand and audience.


In regards to social media, talent management is a team of people or an agency that connects influencers with brands in relevant partnerships. Talent management agencies handle contract negotiations, public relations, partnership deals and more. Talent management agencies help ensure influencer partnerships are beneficial for both brands and influencers—the more relevant an influencer is to a brand’s messaging and aesthetic, the better the partnership will perform on social media platforms.

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Talent management agencies are beneficial to all parties involved—brands, influencers and the agencies themselves. Talent management agencies strive to ensure all influencer and brand collaborations are well-suited in terms of values, messaging, content style and audience demographics.


Talent management agencies are well practised in pairing brands with relevant influencers. Agencies understand the importance of an authentic influencer partnership, so they take extra care to ensure all partnerships are genuinely beneficial to the brand and influencer. Talent management agencies have access to all of an influencer’s metrics, including engagement and follower breakdown, so they can accurately pair influencers with the best opportunities.

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Using a talent management agency eases the negotiation process, briefing, contacts, payment and content creation. This means the partnership can run more smoothly, and any bumps can be smoothed out by the talent agency. Brands don’t have to chase influencers as talent management agencies ensure influencers create high-quality content within the given time frame, ensuring the content is posted in tandem with the content calendar.


Working with a talent management agency can save brands time and money. Instead of having to spend time finding, vetting and briefing influencers, talent management agencies can look through their own roster of talent (from all sorts of follower backgrounds, sizes, niches and industries) to hand-select the most relevant influencers possible; this guarantees high engagement, reach and audience response to partnerships.

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Consumers have become wary of branded content online, so using influencers is a very important marketing strategy. When working with influencers, brands are able to reach audiences they may have been unable to previously. Influencer content is perceived as relatable and engaging online, so when paired with an appropriate brand, the content is still viewed as authentic, rather than just an ad.


However, if the influencer isn’t relevant, then the partnership will be seen as inauthentic and this can be a black mark against a brand’s name. Talent management agencies will understand who your brand is and know that the influencers chosen must uphold brand values and message. Talent management agencies also refresh their roster of influencers frequently, so you can be sure that new, popular influencers will be available to work with you. You can trust talent management agencies to make your business operations significantly easier.

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Before working with a talent management agency, ask to see their recent work portfolio and who is within their roster. Which brands have they recently provided influencers for? Are there any competitors? Which industries and niches do they most frequently work with? Do these align with yours? How many influencers are they able to provide for each project? Brands will want to work with influencers that produce high-quality content. By viewing content created by influencers, you can determine whether the influencers within the talent management are skilled enough to provide the quality you need.


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