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October 28, 2021

What are Crypto Trading Pairs? How to Choose them?

Navigating the world of cryptocurrencies for new investors can be tricky. Before you can begin dealing with these volatile financial instruments, you must learn a lot about them, including both terms of swapping and safely keeping them. Also, check out the Top 5 best Bitcoin wallets for 2021.

One of your first priorities will be trading pairings. Even if you’ve formerly participated in other assets, such as stocks, you may not be aware of this because such securities were almost certainly traded against your local administration’s currency.

Cryptocurrencies do not often trade against fiat money, though certain options are emerging now. Instead, you’ll be investing against the value of another cryptocurrency.

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These combinations let you figure out how much your coins are worth. Typically, an exchanger will offer a number of pairings from which you can choose depending on the currency you already own.

Bitcoin is perhaps the most commonly traded pair, accounting for the majority of coinage volume. Ethereum and Litecoin, on the other hand, are two highly popular alternatives.

Even Dogecoin serves as a trading pair, and it’s regularly utilized for low-market-cap currencies that would have been difficult to trade with Bitcoin. Certain investors prefer Doge because of value is often steady, making it a suitable place to keep bargains.

A pairing serves as a jumping-off point for trading other coins or tokens. In-store to obtain new currencies in some of those markets, you must first own the base currency. When you notice a nice little green blip on the Bitcoin pairing chart, this is how much your bought asset has appreciated in value compared to Bitcoin’s price.

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If you’ve seen an acquisition that was valued more the next day but didn’t appear the very next day, it’s most likely since both Bitcoin, as well as the commodity in question, rose against the USD, increasing their value without exposing it.

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What are Crypto Trading Pairs?

Crypto trading pairs are a part of a cryptocurrency transaction that involves the buying or sale of cryptocurrencies. When buying and selling a cryptocurrency, you’ll need a currency to buy and convert it. The process of choosing a medium of exchange is referred to as Crypto Trading Pairs.

Consider the US Dollar if you’re a beginner looking to purchase Bitcoin (BTC) with fiat currency (USD). As an outcome, the BTC/USD trading pair will be part of this arrangement. Furthermore, if you sell your BTC to acquire another cryptocurrency, such as Ethereum(ETH), the BTC/ETH exchange pair will be included in the transaction.

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Whenever you trade cryptocurrency onto an exchange, you’ll need to have a dealing pair. Traders commonly use BTC to trade other cryptocurrencies. Aside from BTC, there is a slew of additional trading pairs to consider. The current value of a certain coin is shown. When contrasted to Bitcoin’s price, this really is the value. Just how much of the cryptocurrency could one Bitcoin purchase, on the other hand?

How Do Crypto Trading Pairs Work?

You can compare the costs of multiple cryptocurrencies using cryptocurrency pairs. These tables show how very much Bitcoin is valued in Ethereum as well as how much Ethereum is valued in Bitcoin Cash. Exchanges often offer a variety of matching options, allowing you to choose one based on the currencies you already own. If you have Bitcoin, for example, you could trade with just about any pairing listed on a BTC-accepting exchange.

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Some cryptocurrency exchanges don’t provide trading pairs among cryptocurrency and fiat money like the US dollar, although businesses like Gemini, Coinbase, Binance, and Kraken do. Because they offer the most flexibility in terms of trading, BTC and ETH are the most flexible cryptocurrency pairs.

How do you choose a trading pair?

When choosing a pair, it’s vital to analyze all of the elements involved in your possible deal. Of course, the very first step is to ensure that the exchange you desire to trade on will allow you to use that specific currency pair, because each one has its own set of options.

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This can easily be determined by visiting the exchange in question and glancing at their market listing. Look for anything that could reflect the other currency in the formula when selecting an asset. If we were swapping Bitcoin Cash for Bitcoin, the pairing would also most likely be displayed as BCH/BTC.

The number of possible pairing on your exchanges will vary widely depending on the device, and most will offer at least three options. In most cases, they will allow all of their commodities to trade on each of these exchanges.

The majority of crypto exchanges do not allow you to buy your first coin with fiat money. As a result, you might need to use a service like CoinBase to buy a currency pair that you could have used to buy an altcoin like Neo or EOS. As a result, before you leave, you’ll need to determine what base currency you’ll require.

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How does liquidity Effect pairings?

It’s vital to think about the market’s liquidity while choosing a base currency. While it may seem like a smart idea to trade Litecoin for your new things rather than Bitcoin because of lower transaction fees and faster payouts, bear in mind that you may end up overpaying on your purchase.

These secondary markets are usually a lot quieter than the primary ones. Because there are fewer assets available in this market than there would have been in a more famous combination, the market will normally respond by raising the price. If you choose various base coins and aren’t attentive, you can end yourself paying far more than the market rate. This could quickly reduce Savi’s battery.

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Remember to look at different exchanges before giving it up on trading using your favorite pairing. It’s not true that just because one organization has a light order book, the others will as well. For the coin or tokens you want to buy, you can usually utilize a cryptocurrency market aggregation tool to quickly find out which coin or token pairings are accessible, as well as which exchanges provide them and their trading activity.

This will allow you to rapidly determine how and where you can make rapid and profitable deals. This is particularly useful if you want to trade a less well-known asset with low trading activity.

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Benefits of Crypto Trading Pairs

Crypto trading pairings provide a number of benefits, some of which are listed below.

It is possible to investigate a variety of cryptos.

Traders may be exposed to a wide range of cryptocurrency options. Basic currencies such as BTC and ETH are commonly preferred for transactions. Other coins will fade into obscurity over time.

As a result, dealing with the other crypto pairs might anticipate probable profit.

It is possible to learn about the most popular cryptos in various places.

Every part of the universe has its own form of popular currency. In China, for example, whereas BTC is the most popular cryptocurrency in most industries, EOS has the biggest market share, while BTC is ranked fifth.

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A variety of investing possibilities can be investigated.

As previously stated, there are numerous investment options involving multiple cryptocurrencies. As a result, a trader or a well-known investor can consider other options in order to boost his return on the investment.

They can compare the profitability of several cryptocurrencies and select the crypto pair that would yield the highest profit.

Is there a good reason to pick one pair over the other?

It’s partially a matter of personal preference when it comes to choosing currencies to trade against. However, you may be eligible for a few additional advantages. Pricing inside one market may differ greatly from pricing in other markets, as we observed in the previous section.

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You might well be able to receive a better price if you were ready to wait for a deal if you needed to sell a certain commodity for an altcoin. Others simply would like to try their luck in a less competitive market.

Many users, on the other hand, prefer to utilize other cryptocurrencies as a pair because they offer lower fees and faster transactions. It’s up to you whether or not to use alternate base currencies, and you’ll need to weigh the advantages to see if they’re worthwhile in your situation.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What are trade pairs and how do they work?

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A: You buy the base currency and sell the quote currency when you buy a currency pair from a forex broker. When you trade a currency pair, you give up the base currency in exchange for the currency in exchange.  You sell one currency to buy another when you trade currencies.

Q. What are the rules for crypto trading?

A: For beginner investors, there are seven cryptocurrency trading principles to follow.

  • Don’t bet a lot of money.
  • Be prepared for a period of tremendous volatility.
  • Make use of a reliable platform.
  • Never act on a tip without first verifying it.
  • Concentrate on blue chips.
  • Keep understanding what’s going on in the globe.
  • Don’t forget about the tax.
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Q. Is it still possible to trade basic pairs?

A: Despite confirming pairs trading’s continued decreasing trend in profitability, this study discovered that the technique performs well during moments of prolonged volatility, such as the recent global financial crisis.

Q. What is the crypto equivalent of the 2% rule?

A: The 2 percent rule is a trading technique in which an investor risks no more than 2% of their total capital on any single trade. To use the 2% rule, an investor must first determine his or her available capital, taking into account any future trading fees or commissions.

Q. Why do people trade in pairs?

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A: Pairs trading is useful for hedging industry and market risk. For example, if the entire market crashes and the two stocks follow suit, the trade should result in a profit on the short side and a loss on the long side, leaving the profit near to zero despite the enormous swing.


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