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March 6, 2022

Best Way To Store A Leather Jacket

We all know that leather jackets are one of the most versatile kinds of outwear you have ever seen. Apart from its construction, a leather jacket acts as an all-rounder form of garment. You can wear your leather jacket all around the year whenever you want whether it is summer, spring, winter, or fall.

A Leather Jacket always keeps you comfortable whenever you wear it and it always ensures to provide you with a stylish and attractive look. Just because your jacket is made up of leather so it requires more attention and care to keep your jacket lasts long.

If you don’t take care of your jacket and do not store them in right place this will lead to impulsive damage to your jacket. When this happened, you will forcibly change your leather jacket with a new one.

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The good news is there are several methods by which you can save your jacket from harsh tearing by storing it in a right place. These methods provide your jacket with a life that lasts up to a decade but the condition is you have to maintain it properly. So, here are methods in the following by which you can store your jacket properly.

Clean Your Jacket Before Storing:

The best practice before storing your jacket is to clean it up properly. Some studies show that you do not have to clean your leather jacket with any kind of special cleaner unless you need only a bow of lukewarm water and a cloth or towel to clean your dirty jacket before storing it.

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If you want to store your leather jacket for a long period you should clean it well for that purpose you need warm water or a damp cloth with a small amount of dishwashing soap on it and start wiping the surface of the leather jacket until there is no stain left on it. When you are done cleaning it, hang your jacket on a hanger at an open area in your balcony or any other place in or out of your house to dry out the jacket by itself.

Use a Cloth Hanger to Store Your Jacket:

It doesn’t matter where you want to store your leather jacket first thing to consider is you must use a clothes hanger to store it. Leather jackets are vulnerable to wrinkling when you don’t use any hanger to store them.

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If you store your leather jacket at the bottom of the cupboard or closet and place more clothes on it there are higher risks that your leather jacket, starts wrinkling and start tearing at the point of wrinkle and those wrinkles are way too hard to be removed. So always use a hanger to store your jacket it will lower the risk of wrinkling your jacket.

You just do not store your leather jacket on a regular hanger but you must have to use a heavy-duty wooden hanger to store your jacket. When we compare the plastic hanger with a wooden hanger, the wooden hangers are more durable and do not deform under the heavyweight of a real leather jacket.

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Avoid Storing in Direct Sunlight:

It is a very good practice to store your leather in that area where direct sunlight does not reach your jacket. It is not bad to store your leather jacket in the mild sunlight for some period.

But, storing it for a long time in the direct sunlight starts fading the jacket. Even your jacket is in a dark tone the direct sunlight may cause it to fade in light tone if stored for continuously weeks or months.

Store It In A Climate Control Area:

Storing your leather in a climate control area is a great choice that provides a long life to your leather jacket. Always store your jacket in the main area of your house like a bedroom closet. Do not store your jacket in the areas like attic or crawlspace because these spaces are humid and hot which is considered a very bad climate condition for your garment.

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According to studies about 40% to 50% humidity is allowed in which you can store your leather jacket if the humidity is increased by 60% this will be bad for your jacket and it cause a fungus attack on your leather jacket. So always store your leather jacket in a less humid area of your house.

Condition Your Leather Jacket Every Month:

When you want to store your jacket for a long period you must have to condition your jacket with a leather conditioner after a few weeks or months. Most of the experts say that leather will be conditioned regularly after every 3 to 6 months. Conditioning leather means applying any kind of moisturizer to the leather surface like saddle soap.

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Conditioning leather products aren’t used as a cleaning product the main purpose of the conditioner is to provide enough moisture to the jacket because when we store it for a long time the leather jacket becomes dry and leads to tearing of the jacket. If we moisturize our leather jacket regularly this prevents the leather from drying out.

But make sure that you didn’t apply more conditioner on it because this also leads the jacket to deform its shape while storing it for a long time because when you apply more conditioner on the jacket apart from the time interval it will provide more moisture to the jacket which is dangerous for the leather jacket. That is why the expert allows you to moisture your leather textile once every three to six months.

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Store Leather Jacket Away From Other Clothes:

At last, store your leather away from other garments because all other garments contain dye colour which also leads your jacket to destroy its natural colour. Especially a red colour shirt which contain red dye or any denim jeans with black or blue dye stored with a leather jacket the leather absorbs some of the dye which causes discolouration to the leather jacket.


Finally, I am sure that this guide helps you to store your favourite jacket for a long period if you follow the same methods to store it. Because a quality leather jacket can last up to decades when it is maintained properly.

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Unfortunately, most people don’t care about it and store their precious piece of clothing in the wrong way and this cost them very much and the life span of the leather jacket becomes very short.

You can take care of your leather easily by just following the guidelines mentioned above and enhancing the life span of your leather jacket up to decades.


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