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October 10, 2021

Beginner’s Guide: A clear view of the used car transaction process to avoid becoming a victim of the buying and selling process

In view of the fact that too many novices who buy second-hand cars are confused about the process, they don’t know which stage is reasonable. The author specially sorted out a simple process. The devil is hiding in the details. Don’t neglect the steps. Think about it for a few minutes before signing a contract to ensure that you will not become the next victim. Check online platforms like lepaskunci.com.my for a better understanding of the models of the cars.

1. Decide on the budget (remember to leave a 30,000 to 50,000 to tidy up the car)

If the money is not enough, and it is not an urgent necessity, the author recommends that you wait until you save enough money before you consider buying a used car. This is because the interest rate of car loans is about 10%-18%, and the average credit interest rate of small and medium-sized enterprises is 8%~12%. And when you don’t have enough money, it’s easy to be defrauded by the black car dealer to get the deposit by taking the loan but not waiting, because an experienced car dealer will know if you can afford the loan by asking a few sentences.

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2. Think about the purpose

Then start thinking about the purpose of buying a car, such as “a few people will use this car? Need cargo? Are you long distances? Whether to run the mountain?”


Is a small family car optional quadruple, or at home, there are people of all ages may We must consider RVs. If you can only commute to and from get off work, the car conditions are generally up to standard, but you must pay special attention to the safety performance of long distances. Is it important to pay attention to fuel-saving taxes or to pay attention to safety? Remember, safety is compared and piled up with the money. Don’t imagine fuel-efficient and safe at the same time. It is more practical to wear a seat belt and pay attention to safe driving.

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After deciding on the budget, I then think about the purpose of buying a car, such as “How many people will use this car? Do you need to carry goods? Do you want to run long distances? Do you want to run mountain roads?”

3. Decide on the car model

Consumers can think about several questions: Are there any special brand preferences? Do you want to be a popular car that will be easy to sell off in the future, or an unpopular but favorite car? How many years are you planning to get rid of? Still, have to drive until it is scrapped?

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If you still intend to dispose of it in the future, please pay attention to brand preservation. Generally speaking, a second-hand car is the best choice within 5 years, but it is hard to find. Within 7 years, if it is a vehicle that is in normal use, it will still be ok to drive for a few more years. Those with a small budget can be considered. For cars over 10 years old, maintenance costs are relatively high. Check car like proton persona


4. Find a car online

When looking for a car, remember to find the car at the cheapest price. You can first check the market information including a website like lepaskunci.com.my. Don’t trust the online prices of auction platforms or pure Internet companies. Remember! You get what you pay for used cars! After visiting an online platform check car for buying like naza citra

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5. Consultancy

In fact, after the above 1~4 points are decided, the outline of which car to buy is also ready. At this time, you can consult the experts for free to confirm whether the follow-up maintenance and repair of the car you like is the same as you imagined? What’s the review of this car dealer? Is it a good store?


The above 1~5 procedures are the homework you must do before you set off to the second-hand car shop. In order to avoid being able to get out of the scene due to various conditions.

The following is the process from departure to the car shop. Please be cautious at this stage and understand the situation before signing a contract. A really good store will not force you to make a decision right away but will stand in your position and imagine for you whether the car is really suitable for you.

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6. Actual car viewing/testing

Don’t make an impulse order to watch the car (the deposit is non-refundable), first observe the status of the store, a good store will not rush to sell. The vehicle is required to provide a third-party unit appraisal certificate. (The so-called third party in PS refers to an independent unit, not the identification certificate of the franchisee’s own home)


7. Contract review/subscription signing

Remember, every contract has a review period, and you should only place it after thinking about it. Don’t rush to place it when you first watch the car. It is recommended to use the “Automotive Sale and Purchase Agreement” issued by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, pay attention to whether the car dealer guarantees the mileage?

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In addition, is there an after-sales warranty? Be careful that there are text traps in the warranty content? Clarify all the costs, including fees, taxes, etc. Are you clear? (For details, please refer to [Second-hand car topic] You must not know the trap hidden in the used car sales contract )

8. Loan process

The loan process is as follows: loan application→banknote→joint application→send for approval→guarantee→appropriation


information to be prepared for loan application: 1. Double ID copy, 2. Passbook cover copy,

remind readers that you don’t need to hold the original certificate when applying for a loan. You can apply by faxing a copy of the double ID copy and the front cover copy of the passbook, and you can mark “Special for car loan application” in the blank space of the copy, and even apply for a car loan on the designated day.

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We also often hear that people are cheated of passbooks, seals, ATM cards, natural person certificates, identity cards, and turned into warning accounts (become suspects, perpetrators, and head accounts) because they apply for loans. The seal is a guarantee or transfer. You don’t need to give it first, and some car dealers will automatically engrave one for you.

9. Handling the transfer

Both the buyer and the seller go to the supervision agency to handle it (can be entrusted to do it on an agent). After receiving the number list at the service center, wait for the integrated single window to call the number. Information to be prepared:

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(1) The original identity card of the buyer and the seller (if the company account: the registration certificate of profit-making business, the size of the company seal)

(2) New Licensed Registration Form and Vehicle Owner’s Coupon

(3) Vehicle license

(4) A compulsory automobile liability insurance certificate insured in the name of the new owner

(5) The seal of the buyer and the seller and the phone number of the new owner

APPRXIMATION Fees: Car license fee is RM 100; motorcycle license fee is RM50

10. Delivery

Congratulations on your purchase of the ideal car. When delivering the car, you should pay attention to the following points:

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  1. Check the basic documents to avoid buying AB cars.
  2. The vehicle condition inspection still needs to be confirmed once.
  3. Road test, there is a chance to ask questions at the end, take a moment to check to avoid future troubles.

11. Follow-up finishing with the car

The finishing and maintenance actions of the subsequent consumables of the lead car are also essential! Inspection and replacement of five oils and three waters, cleaning of air filter, carbon deposit in the engine room, replacement of spark sieve, replacement of timing belt for a 10-year-old car, and replacement of belt tensioner for a 10-year-old car. Inspection and replacement of tires (re-alignment of four wheels), inspection and replacement of brake pads (incoming pads), an inspection of gasoline filter, an inspection of cooling system hoses, fans, and oil pipes for dripping oil.

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To put it simply, the maintenance after the second-hand car is led by the car is faced with the mode of major maintenance to ensure whether the consumables of the vehicle are usable and avoid the situation of halfway breakdown.




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