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May 8, 2022

4 Ways To Grow Your Podcasts On YouTube

Podcast listeners now have accessibility to a considerably more extensive pool of selections than before, with only an approximate amount of almost 2 million ongoing podcasts globally. Obviously, as a podcaster, you’d like to reach a large audience or, at the very least, hear the podcast flourish. So, how could you promote the YouTube podcast? Like a few other businesses, you may buy YouTube shorts likes to get your podcast heard and liked by a lot of people globally. Brands spend a lot of money on commercials and marketing to get the word out regarding what they have to provide and how valuable they are to customers. As a podcaster, the YouTube app is one of the most cost-effective ways to acquire traction and expand your following.

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YouTube, the globe’s second web browser, has one billion monthly subscribers. This equates to almost 33% of all online users worldwide. In addition, YouTube is presently accessible in 80 different languages, making it accessible to 95 percent of its population. There’s no doubting that YouTube has the audience you’re searching for, but how could you get them if you’re beginning from scratch? We’ll look at five ways to leverage YouTube to grow your podcast listeners in this post.

1. Practically Share Your Knowledge

If your subject necessitates demonstrating your expertise in the practical setting, YouTube is the ideal platform for sharing demos and tutorials. You could benefit from making YouTube lesson videos in the following ways:

  • Diversify your target market.
  • Make a name for yourself as a thought leader in your profession.
  • Use an alternative medium to get the content out there.
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The problem with YouTube would be that it has a sizable fan base for various topics. This implies that once you’ve tapped into your specialty, you’ll find a hungry audience ready to devour your material. If you demonstrate that you are competent at what you are doing, your unexpected audiences will get interested in the podcast and become listeners. For example, when you host a photographic podcast, many scenarios may have you demonstrating practical experience. If you’re talking about Canon cameras upon the podcast, you should show how to utilize the various models. When your episode is really about editing, you may make a complementary tutorial regarding using programs like Adobe and Lightroom.

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2. Partner With YouTubers Who Are Experts In Your Field

Partnering with well-known YouTubers in the particular area is one method to use YouTube to grow your podcast. It’s worth noting that by “well-established,” we don’t always imply “extremely popular” or “extensive” networks. Whenever it pertains to collaborations, one must have reasonable objectives. Collaborating alongside YouTubers will draw awareness to you and your area of expertise. As a result, it’s critical to represent oneself engagingly. With how you hold yourself in the video, you demonstrate knowledge and skill. The listeners will be drawn to you because of your charm, becoming interested in your podcast. It’s better to work with a group of YouTubers rather than just one. Every YouTuber will have their fanbase, so reaching out to as many people as possible is good. Also, please pay attention to how each YouTuber displays their information so you can blend in with the environment and vibe of every video.

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3. Animate Your Whiteboard

Whiteboard animation is a form of video that looks like it was written or drawn on a whiteboard during school. The graphics appear to be handwritten or drawn. Fundamentally, video creators use it to deliver complex knowledge through easy-to-understand images. ‘How to Videos,’ as whiteboard animations are frequently known, are a common term. They are primarily explainer clips that are highly famous on YouTube. Utilizing whiteboard animation to supplement your podcast will undoubtedly benefit you. For example, some YouTube users love watching whiteboard animations in specific. As a result, they’ll be able to find your material on the platform, leading them to the podcast. All you have to do now is create the graphics appealing sufficiently for a user to want to see more. You might even put other music on it to keep it more interesting.

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4. Complete Video Editions Of The Podcast Episodes Can Be Shared

It is one of the most effective strategies to expand your podcast’s audience. It entails recording and posting your podcast episodes to YouTube. There is, however, a catch. You should be able to listen to your podcasts, but you should also be able to view them. Therefore, you can try Trollishly if you need to attract viewers’ interest and, as a result, expand your viewership. As a result, this strategy works effectively if you already have fascinating guests and panelists, including such celebrities, who viewers want to watch as much as they wish to hear.

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Final Thoughts

YouTube is a fantastic place to promote the podcast. According to the facts presented previously in the post, YouTube is a widely used network with a large user base. It will pay off if you use it for marketing the podcast, but solely if you are clever enough. Because YouTube is a visual medium, it works well with entirely audio podcasts. For example, you can choose to record and update your podcast episodes to their channel or page. Whiteboard animation would also be used to reinforce ideas stated throughout the program. Companion videos could also promote future episodes and attract viewers into the debate. Overall, you should be inventive in your approach. Conduct analysis, brainstorm, and select the most effective method for connecting with your target audience.


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