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June 29, 2022

4 Signs You Are Losing Your Hair

Hair loss can be a sign of illness, a reaction to medication, or simple genetics. As a general rule, when a follicle fails, it’s gone forever. Treating your remaining hair correctly is important to keep what you still have.


Check Your Medicine Cabinet


Many medical conditions can cause hair loss. According to Oxford Online Pharmacy, the supplements you take can reduce hair loss and even protect your nails. When planning your hair loss treatment, ensure that your body is as healthy as you can as you consider creams, foams and chemicals.


Check Your Pillow


If your hair is falling out faster than normal shedding, it may show up on your pillow and in your shower drain. You can lessen the stress on your hair follicles by

  • gently braiding long hair before bed
  • Use a satin or silk pillowcase, so hair slides instead of tugging
  • wrapping your hair before bed
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Should you wake up to a tangled bird’s nest each day and your hair is at least shoulder-length, you could be putting a lot of stress on your follicles.


Switching to a natural bristle brush is another way to protect your remaining hair, especially if it’s longer. It may take more strokes than a wide-tooth comb to get all the tangles out, but you will lose less hair in the process.


Check Your Part


While a receding hairline for a man shows up at the temple, women who lose hair tend to notice a widening part. If you suspect that your hair is thinning overall, check your scalp with a mirror while there’s an intense light behind you. Your scalp will reflect light.

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Often, thinning hair and skin conditions are accompanied by itching. If you catch yourself touching or itching your scalp throughout the day or wake up scratching your head, it’s time for a checkup and a review of your nutritional needs.


Check Your Brows


If you don’t see any hair loss on the scalp but notice gaps or itchy patches in your eyebrows, the chances are that your scalp is losing the battle. Now may be the time to start moisturizing your skin after each bath.


Many with sensitive skin struggle to find the best skin moisturizer and hair treatments. A simple way to exfoliate and moisturize at the same time is to mix brown sugar and a bit of olive oil into a paste. Once you’ve soaped, rinse it in the shower, and scrub yourself with a handful of this mixture from the feet up. By the time you get to your hair, most of the sugar will be gone, but your hands will still be a bit oily. Gently pat this on your scalp before you do your final rinse.

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Often, hair loss is an indication of poor skin health. Therefore, your skin health can be an indication of your overall health. If you notice you’re seeing more scalp than last month, it’s time to schedule a checkup. A change in diet can also help boost hair growth. So, try and choose the best treatments that give you promising results.



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